happy dog with mouth open

Our Team

Oxford Canine Club is proud to have a team of individuals who not only love animals and people, but are also devoted to understanding their needs and providing for those needs in as many ways as possible. Dogs have been “man’s best friend” for centuries, and we believe they deserve the very best hospitality we can offer.

Meet our wonderful staff members below and be sure to call us at (248) 716-6043 if you have questions!

Debbie B.

Debbie is our Site Lead at Oxford Canine Club and has been working in the veterinary field for over 3 years. Debbie is most proud of the experience and love her team puts into every stay at our clean, coordinated, and updated facility for all dogs and their owners. With 2 dogs of her own, Debbie lives her life simply and in the words of Albert Einstein “with no special talents, except passionately curious.” She loves her Oxford Canine Club family and enjoys the fun and variety in all projects and pawties!


JoAnn D.

JoAnn is our Kennel Lead at Oxford Canine Club. JoAnn started her “pawsitive” journey when she worked at Walt Disney World and she took that passion for positivity and wonder into working with animals for over 13 years. When she is not playing around with your canine kids, she plays with 2 Golden Retrievers of her own, Paisley and Peaches! Her motto is in alignment with one of our core values; to choose a positive outlook in any situation and to take the high road when necessary when providing the quality services expected from the community we serve.

Miranda K.

Miranda is a part of the Kennel Assistant team! She has always enjoyed working in the veterinary field. Seeing a new dog feel safe, happy, and playful during their stay is Miranda’s favorite part of her role. When she isn’t playing around with your furbaby, she’s home with her cat Bella, guinea pig Penelope, and hamster Theo!


Abby W.

Abby, one of our awesome Animal Care Companions believes that in any situation, comfort is key! When asked if her personality could be any food, Abby considers herself a warm bowl of chicken noodle soup that gets you back to full capacity when the engine needs its second wind! Abby has been working in the veterinary field for 2 years, and her favorite part about working with the team at Oxford Canine Club is the comfort of having a new dog feel happy and safe while staying at OCC!

Eliza W.

Eliza is our Kennel Assistant working in the veterinary field for over 2 years and is proudest of the work accomplished at Oxford Canine Club. She goes into every day with an outlook of treating it like new; keeping her eyes and mind open for new opportunities even in the little things - because even the small things can make a big difference! When Eliza isn’t bringing joy to your canine companions, she is working on learning American Sign Language (ASL). Treating every day like new, Eliza finds opportunity in the little things that make a big difference! We are so happy to have Eliza on the team!


Kirsten G.

Kirsten Gilbert is our Kennel Technician at Oxford Canine Club and has been with us for over 5 months now. Kirsten is extremely passionate about the health and happiness of the dogs she works with, stating “nothing makes me prouder than seeing a dog at the end of the day go home with a full belly, a day full of fun, exercise, and a wagging tail!” When she is not playing around with your fur baby she has 2 of her own: 4-year-old Zoey, a Miniature Pinscher mix, and a 1-year-old Chihuahua, Scott. Kirsten describes her life as “The Diary of a True Crime and Dog Fanatic'' who is eager to learn everything she can for the betterment of animal life around her. We are so excited to have Kirsten on our team!

Caitlyn B.

Caitlyn B. is a Kennel Attendant with us, and has been a staple in our team! As Caitlyn works diligently with your canine companion, you can hear her humming along to “Don't Stop Me Now” by Queen. Caitlyn’s favorite part of being with the Oxford Canine Club team is the connections she has made with her team members as well as all of the fun furry faces who visit! When she isn’t taking care of your special canine kids, Caitlyn is playing with her own canine and feline fur babies!