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Our Team

Oxford Canine Club is proud to have a team of individuals who not only love animals and people, but are also devoted to understanding their needs and providing for those needs in as many ways as possible. Dogs have been “man’s best friend” for centuries, and we believe they deserve the very best hospitality we can offer.

Meet our wonderful staff members below and be sure to call us at (248) 716-6043 if you have questions!

OCC Debbie M

Debbie McGuirk, LVT - Site Leader/Practice Manager

Debbie is our manager of Oxford Canine Club. She is also the manager of Bell Veterinary Clinic next door and in Metamora! Debbie is a licensed veterinary technician who has been working in veterinary medicine for over 8 years. She loves working with animals and enjoys learning about clients and the local community. When Debbie is not working, you can find her spending time with her family, reading a book, traveling, or enjoying the local breweries and wineries. Fun fact: She was born and raised in England!

Deb B. - site lead

Deb is our Site Lead at Oxford Canine Club. She assists Debbie with the day-to-day operations and can often be found greeting our clients in the mornings. Deb has been working in the veterinary field for over 5 years. She is most proud of the experience and love the team puts into every stay at our clean, coordinated, and updated facility for all dogs and their owners. With 2 dogs of her own, Deb lives her life simply and in the words of Albert Einstein, “with no special talents, except passionately curious.” She loves her Oxford Canine Club family and enjoys the fun and variety in all projects and pawties!


kir g. - animal companion

Kir is one of our animal companion caregivers. If you are looking for someone that will treat your pup as their own, look no further than in Kir! Kir is a jack-of-trades here at OCC, whether it be greeting you at the front desk with a smile or taking care of your beloved pet back in the kennels! More often than not, Kir is found out in the play yard, wrestling their day away with the dogs! Nothing makes them happier than having a great time with your pets and then seeing them come back again for more playtime!! When not taking care of your furbabies, Kir spends most of their free time with their own pups, Zoey, and Scout, watching true crime, cooking, or playing games! Fun fact: Kir is obsessed with spicy food, an avid listener of Starset, and their dream dog would be a parti Cocker Spaniel!

bailey S. - Animal Companion

Bailey is one of our animal companion caregivers. Bailey has been working at OCC for over 3 years now! She has one dog, one cat, two chinchillas, and a hedgehog! Bailey is the youngest of her three siblings and is very active in my church activities. You will often find Bailey giving lots of cuddles to your furbabies when they are here. She always has a smile on her face! Fun fact: Bailey is an expert in bathing dogs!

OCC Bailey S
OCC Hannah C

Hannah C. - Animal Companion

Hannah is one of our animal companion caregivers. Her passion for pups is almost unrivaled, and she works her hardest on bringing her persistence and patience to the team! When she is not making her rounds in the kennels, tending to your furbaby, she will be outside enjoying her day with the plethora of dogs that she absolutely adores! When she is not here with all her pup pals, she loves to snowboard, hike, and go on all sorts of adventures with her 2 Golden Retrievers, Charlie, and Nala! Facts about Hannah include that she loves to snack on dill pickles and also has 2 bunnies!

Shyanne D. - Animal Companion

Shyanne is one of our animal companion caregivers and has always wanted to be in animal care. It’s been a passion of hers since she was little. Shyanne is very interested in going to school to be a licensed veterinary technician! She has two dogs: Max, who is a 2-year-old border collie, and Oakley, who is an 11-month-old Mini Aussie. In her free time Shyanne loves having out with her family, her dogs, watching movies, and hiking in the great outdoors!

OCC Shyanne D
OCC Sarah H

Sarah H. - Animal Companion

Sarah is one of our animal companion caregivers. She started in August 2021 and loves her job! She graduated in 2020 and will be starting school in January to become a makeup artist. Sarah plans on going back to school after that to become a licensed veterinary technician. She currently has a hamster and hedgehog at home and is looking for a doodle to add to the family after losing her fur baby this last July. She loves all animals, but especially dogs! You will never have to worry about leaving your dog at OCC, because Sarah will give them all the love and care they need!