black dog outside with red ball

Looking to Become a New Client?

We’re excited to welcome you and your pet to Oxford Canine Club, where your pooch can stay and play in an environment that's centered around their unique needs.  We want our facility to be a safe, relaxing place for every guest, and your pup’s comfort is our highest priority! Young or old, outgoing or shy, they'll find a program that's suited to them.

An important feature of our facility is its close proximity to Bell Veterinary Clinic. This should give you peace of mind knowing that in the rare event that it's needed, veterinary care is just a phone call and a few steps away!

Your Pet’s Evaluation is Free

When you bring your pet in for their evaluation, they’ll get to stay with us for the day and see what our daycare and day camp programs are all about--at no charge. You’ll also get a free gift!

For more information about our evaluations and to schedule one for your pet, please call us at (248) 716-6043!