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Offering a Little Something Extra at Our Dog Spa in Oxford, MI

“Stay and play” is our core philosophy here at Oxford Canine Club, but we don’t stop there. We can also treat your delightful pup to their very own spa day, with a house bath or soothing oatmeal shampoo bath. Bathing plays an important role for all dogs, regardless of their size and coat type. In addition to making them look and smell like an AKC winner, a thorough, luxurious bath boosts your pet’s personal hygiene and helps to improve their overall health and sense of well-being.

Want to include a spa day in your pet’s boarding or daycare package? Call us today at (248) 716-6043.

The Key Health Benefits of Dog Bathing

A clean coat is more than just a clean coat. Making a bath a part of your pet’s routine can:

  • Prevent skin irritation, infections, and parasites
  • Keep the buildup of dirt, oil, skin cells, and loose hair at bay
  • Prevent painful fur matting
  • Improve the health of your pet’s coat and skin
  • Alert us (and you) to any existing lumps, bumps, or skin disorders your pet might have
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Complete your pet’s daycare or boarding stay with a luxurious bath. Contact us today at (248) 716-6043 to schedule your reservation!