Everyone thinks they have the best dog. And none of them are wrong.

W.R. Purche

Welcome to the Oxford
Canine Club.

The Oxford Canine Club maintains an atmosphere of distinction and excellence. The name may have changed but the mission and culture are preserved.

Our Oxford Canine Club members are able to bask in the sunlight outdoors or relax inside their personal climate controlled space, all within the luxury of their suite. As a “Stay and Play” facility, We believe that while you are away, your canine companion continues to need daily human interaction and our club members are required to have a minimum of one playtime or package with our team members daily. Individual club members can also be qualified to play with approved canine companions.

We believe maintaining a safe, cohesive atmosphere creates the ideal environment for a great stay. Now, all of our prospective members will participate in a complimentary day of fun with our team as a part of our new member evaluation! This veterinarian reviewed evaluation tests the aspiring member based on their interactions with other canine friends and team members, how well they fit in with our routines, and their acclimation to our top of the line indoor/outdoor suites! We also use this day to find their best fit for small playgroups, just in case you want your pup to join in and socialize with the playgroup doggies during their stay! We want to make sure that Oxford Canine Club is the best fit for your canine companion, and we also want to make sure that your pup is a good fit for us! This new evaluation is completely free, and even comes with a surprise gift!

The Oxford Canine Club
Where “Stay and Play” are not just words, they are a guarantee.

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