small dog with multiple balls in a tray

Engagement Toys & Treat Puzzles for Dogs in Oxford, MI

Physical activity and play are extremely important for puppies and dogs, but they are not the only forms of stimulation they need. Engagement toys and treat puzzles give canines the opportunity to solve problems for mental enrichment and entertainment. Oxford Canine Club offers a variety of different toys requiring persistence (and a bit of creativity) in order to obtain a tasty treat reward.

Why Dogs Should Have Food and Treat Puzzles in Their Daily Routine

Food and treat puzzles provide activity that can be very satisfying to dogs and offer many benefits, including:

  • Mental stimulation that allows dogs to indulge their need for physical and mental exercises. Just 15 minutes of mental stimulation are equivalent to 3 miles of walking!
  • Food and treat puzzles make dogs work for their reward, and the challenges these toys offer can give your pup hours of fun.
  • Preventing boredom. When your dog is bored, they can also be prone to depression, and they are likely to be less active and may start to gain weight.
dog licking green tray
dog with two trays of toys

Engagement Toys We Offer

Here at Oxford Canine Club, we have different engagement toys and treats to suit our different guests. These include:

  • The Pup-Puzzler (level 1)
  • Mutt-Mazing (level 2)
  • Mastermind Maze (level 3)
  • Meaty burgers (chicken and lamb)
  • Kong-Tastic toy with peanut butter
  • The Kong Stuff-a-Ball with cheesy chews